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Every project starts with a plan. We offer comprehensive services, including digital services, to provide you with the best possible support as early as the planning phase.

Your Benefits with PERI

The right planning is the foundation for the success of any project. With our support, you can define your goals in the best possible way and pursue your project in a concentrated manner so that competitive advantages can be used precisely.

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    Planning Software and Client Portals
    Various software solutions and client portals enable you to optimise complex tasks and processes on your construction site. For example, with our software portfolio, you can replicate an entire construction project for the purposes of managing materials and personnel. This allows you to plan out factors such as on-site material requirements, incidental logistical costs and the time required for each construction phase with great precision ahead of time.
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    PERI CAD, Load Calculator and System Configurators
    In addition to the in-house PERI CAD system, we also offer other user-friendly software solutions that will simplify your daily work routine. Amongst other things, you could, for example, opt to use a configurator for a wide range of formwork and scaffold systems, which would enable you to accurately calculate ground plans, loads, material quantities and/or minimum distances. What’s more, many of the tools are web-based, meaning there is no need to download software.
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    PERI Component Libraries in BIM Software
    BIM software users have been able to make use of PERI’s extensive component libraries since as far back as 2016. You can also find PERI components in software such as Tekla Warehouse from Trimble and in Library+ for REVIT. The PERI data packages with the component libraries include the full article catalogue for many PERI wall, slab and column formwork systems, as well as for scaffolding components together with their accessories. All of the components are provided with the relevant meta data and, in terms of building information modelling, can be used repeatedly during the construction process. This provides the planner with the transparency needed to deploy the components in a highly efficient manner: from the planning phase right through to logistical matters and actual deployment on the construction site and even materials maintenance and storage – simply put, throughout the entire value creation chain.

Optimal Preparation for Maximum Success

Find out from our local PERI colleagues how our software and services can already support you during the planning phase.