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We have more than 50 years of experience in the construction business and has carried out thousands of projects around the world. The experience we have gained from these ventures forms the basis for all of the general and digital services that PERI can provide to support you with the execution phase of your project.

The Benefits with PERI

We offer you different solutions for your project to increase your efficiency. By guaranteeing and providing the accumulated know-how, you can pursue your projects with PERI in a focused and goal-oriented manner and ensure the best possible success. 

  • Improving Efficiency with BIM - Building Information Modelling
    In terms of execution, PERI is able to improve the efficiency and significantly increase the productivity of your projects by deploying and providing support for the most sophisticated BIM methods and technologies. By having all personnel, processes and tools interact with each other throughout the entire project cycle, it is possible, for example, to minimise the requirement for reworking operations in the execution phase by way of optimised planning, which will also lead to a reduction in costs.
  • Formwork carriage used on the steel substructure for the construction of carriageway slabs
    Client Portals and Material Identification Software
    The online client portal myPERI is a comprehensive information platform that will meet your information requirements throughout the entire execution phase of a project. In addition, our range of software solutions will enable you to optimise complex tasks and processes across different projects. In this way, you will be aware at all times of when movements in materials are taking place, where on the construction site systems are being installed and dismantled, and how many people are on duty. The reliable resource planning function and extensive report functions will provide you with a detailed overview of costs.
  • Digital solutions as a Service
    Our Software as a Service
    We also provide SaaS (Software as a Service). We can take care of all IT-related tasks such as back-ups, data security, administration, maintenance and updates on request. This leaves you more time to focus entirely on the things that count.

Think Construction Further

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