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Nowadays, good, well-founded job training is more important than ever. Parents, teachers, but also the companies which train the young people, bear a large responsibility. PERI takes this task very serious, because the apprentices of today are the employees of tomorrow.


Job training at PERI

PERI offers young people future-oriented job training. We enlarge our program of different job trainings and dual study programs on a regular basis depending on the job qualifications needed. The overview of our apprenticeships and dual study programs therefore is constantly updated.

Trial apprenticeship

Every year we offer trial apprenticeships to give pupils the opportunity to get a clear view of the different types of professions and study programs. These trial apprenticeships are one-week internships where pupils can gather impressions and experiences of their desired profession or study program.

Career days and educational fairs

Choosing the right profession after school or the suitable study program is an essential step in one’s life as it is setting the course for this person’s future. In order to simplify taking the right decision, we inform pupils and their parents and teachers about our offers: Therefore we regularly take part in career days or educational fairs. Here, we answer all questions regarding the different types of jobs at PERI and we describe the development opportunities of young people in our company.

Plant visits

Every year, we organize plant visits of school classes to our headquarters in Weissenhorn. During a plant visit, the pupils not only have the chance to get to know PERI and its products, but also our apprenticeship and dual study programs as well as further development possibilities.


We come to your school and hold lectures and workshops about the topics of job training and study programs at PERI and we also offer job application training.

School projects

In cooperation with schools, we accompany projects such as e.g.Vision-Ing21 and the “Deutscher Gründerpreis”, an award for founders. This does not only help pupils to gain practical knowledge, but they also have the possibility to get to know PERI as their potential employer.

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