The ISC Temperature Monitoring and Concrete Maturity system continuously measures the temperature of the concrete. To do so, the thermocouples are installed into the reinforcement before concreting.

How it works

PERI InSite includes the SONO WZ water-cement analyser and three sensors for determining the concrete pressure and temperature as well as for checking the filling level. While the SONO WZ displays the measurement results directly on the corresponding hand-held measuring instrument, the three sensors are connected by means of a cable to a reusable node which communicates via radio waves with a hub. The hub in turn transmits the information via LTE to a cloud from where it can be retrieved in real time by the users – whenever and wherever they are. Multiple nodes can be connected to a hub at the same time.

Determination Concrete Maturity

The ISC Temperature Sensors allow the monitoring of the temperature in the concrete and determination of the resulting strength. This can optimise the utilisation of the formwork and can shorten operating times so that the formwork can be stripped ealier. Compared to conventional methods, no costly and time-consuming reading and recording of the measuring points is required during the concreting process.

Titelseite Temperaturüberwachung

ISC Temperature Sensors

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Pressure Monitoring

The use of the ISC Pressure Monitoring Kit leads to an optimised concreting process and supports you in achieving a higher concrete quality. The system measures the pressure that the concrete exerts on the formwork and then transfers the data to the ISC Web Application. Therefore, you can monitor the concrete pressure in real time and optimally adjust the concreting speed. Your concreting process is safer and more efficient. With the ISC Web Application you can analyse the collected data, regardless of the time and location, and can make data-driven decisions. This can lead to a higher concrete quality and reduce the risk of formwork breaks and deformations.

Determination of the concrete fill level

The ISC Filling Detection Set measures the concrete level even in hard-to-reach areas of the formwork and minimises the risk of gaps between the concrete and adjacent components. This ensures a high concrete quality.

Header Concrete detection

ISC Concrete Detection Set

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The ISC SONO WZ Analyser is used for efficient determination of the water-cement ratio in fresh concrete and provides reliable measurement results using innovative TRIME® radar technology. The measurement is carried out in only a few minutes thanks to the simple and structured procedure – without any complicated test set-up process. This leads to considerable time savings compared to measurements with the Darr method.


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