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The digital construction world at PERI

As a pioneer in the field of digitalisation, we are opening up completely new ways of planning, managing and building using our cutting-edge technologies. With various tools, we are able to complement our physical products and cover each and every project phase, from planning and organisation right through to implementation. The common goal behind all of our digital solutions is to support, automate and simplify work processes. This ensures a higher level of safety, greater efficiency, improved quality and, ultimately, lower costs. 

Our portfolio ranges from valuable apps for simple calculations involving PERI systems right through to tools that bring planning to life using augmented and virtual reality. To round off our range of digital solutions, we offer various sensors for concreting processes on the construction site. These sensors provide our customers with real-time information about the concrete, no matter where they are. 

We set trends in the construction industry to optimise construction processes and are already addressing the issues of tomorrow today. We listen carefully to the demands of the market and shape digitalisation together with the people who need it. 

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  • Planning

    Proper planning is the foundation for the success of any project. With our support, you can determine your goals in the best possible way and pursue your project in a focused manner, allowing you to utilise competitive advantages with precision. For example, with our tools you can replicate an entire construction project for the purposes of managing materials and personnel. This allows you to plan out factors such as on-site material requirements, incidental logistical costs and the time required for each construction phase with great precision ahead of time.

  • Tablet on the construction site

    Our online customer portal myPERI is a comprehensive information platform for improving workflows on your construction site. It will meet your information requirements throughout the entire execution phase of your project. In addition, our range of tools will enable you to optimise complex tasks and processes across different projects. In this way, you will be aware at all times of when movements in materials are taking place, where on the construction site systems are being installed and dismantled, and how many people are on duty. The reliable resource planning function and extensive report functions will provide you with a detailed overview of costs.

  • Steuerung

    If a construction site is to be cost-efficient, it is extremely important to ensure that construction processes are transparent. The more information you have available to you, the greater the progress you can make on your construction site. It is useful to have all activities recorded by the end of your construction project. This way, you can invoice for the services you have provided and carry out a post-calculation. All progress is visible and any errors can be detected and rectified. We can also provide you with the appropriate digital solution for this phase of your project. 

International projects

PERI solutions involving digital products around the world

Learn more about how digital products are used in everyday construction and how they have saved our customers time and money. 

  • TrIIIple, Vienna, Austria
Thanks to the use of sensors from PERI InSite Construction, the temperature was measured at different points in the concrete and the data loaded directly into the ISC Web Application. This minimised the costly waiting times until the final curing of the concrete. The cloud service BIM 360° Field was also used for digital support on the construction site. The panorama renderings allowed an immersive walk-through of the PERI solution - long before the actual execution. In addition, this ensured consistent and continuous availability of all project data on the construction site.
    TRIIIPLE, Austria

    With its usable floor space of around 70,000 m², the TrIIIple is writing a new chapter in Viennese residential history. The ingenious design of the TrIIIple Towers is characterised by the cantilevers on the 11th and 22nd floors. A particular highlight was the use of the PERI InSite Construction Temperature Monitoring and Concrete Maturity Kit. With the sensors used, the temperature was measured at different points in the concrete and the data was loaded directly into the ISC Web Application. This minimised costly waiting times up to the point where the concrete is fully hardened. Customer: STRABAG AG

  • Elisabethplatz Munich
    Regent Street Flyover, UK

    The project is a major refurbishment of two concrete bridges along a busy traffic route in Leeds city centre. Cidon Construction relied on the ISC pressure sensor for a one-sided, 6 m high concrete pour on the south-eastern abutment wall. Due to the required surface finish, no through sleepers could be used, which added to the challenge. The use of the pressure sensors helped to precisely determine the optimal concreting speed and to prevent overloading of the formwork, thus increasing safety. Customer: Cidon Construction

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